A personal WordPress blog can open up hundreds of ways to earn money online.

WordPress is easier to install and manage than any other CMS. But many newbies who want to start blogging cannot install it in the proper way.

[CMS – Content Management System]

Many newbies are unable to start their online careers due to a lack of this technical knowledge.

Another reason is, the inability to connect the domain with the hosting properly.

What should know before start blogging?

You can never start blogging after being 100% perfect. Skills have to be improved over time. But at the initial stage, you need to know at least three things below.

1. A complete knowledge about the Domain.

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2. A complete knowledge about the Hosting.

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3. Proper knowledge about WordPress installing (admin, database, table prefix, etc.)

How can I help?

It is important to have a blog to build a career online. For all my audiences who are trying to start blogging, but can’t set up WordPress properly, I’ll set up a blog for them for free.

Yes, you can get this service from me completely FREE.

What are in this free package?

  • Configuring the domain to the hosting.
  • Fresh WordPress installation.
  • SEO friendly WordPress configuration.
  • Theme installation (if you have – max 1).
  • Plugin installation (if you have – max 10).
  • A bonus offer from me. *

Why this service is being given for free?

As an associate partner of Bluehost, the well-known hosting company, I am giving you this service for free.

How will you reveal it for free?

1. You have to purchase a hosting plan from the below link for being eligible for this offer.

Choose a perfect Hosting [Complete guide] – follow section 5 of this post to get a step-by-step purchase guide.

[You will get a free dot com domain with Bluehost plan]

2. You have to give me some information for being verified.

  • Your name
  • Email address (that you used to Bluehost).
  • Your location (country).
  • The time when you visited the link.
  • Your local time zone.
  • Your device (desktop, tablet, mobile).
  • Browser (Google chrome, Mozila, Safari, etc).

[Your information will be verified by our tracking system]

A bonus service from me

I will give the Webmaster standard package service for free if you create a free GetResponse account from the below link.

[GetResponse is a complete email marketing tool]

What to do at a glance

  • Purchase a hosting plan from Bluehost.
  • Create a free GetResponse account for getting bonus service.
  • For verification, provide the information in the form below.
  • Have to be added to my email list for getting the updates.

[Copies of emails from Bluehost and GetResponse may be requested to verify your order information]