Every website owner wants his website to be shown on Google and Bing SERP. Normally search engines index a website at their own rules and strategy.

A new website can take a long time to be visible on search engines like Google and Bing. But it’s possible to show within 24 – 72 hours by submitting properly.

I can help you there.

What will you get in this package?

You’ll get all the necessary settings requiring for a new website in this package.

  • Verification: Your website may not get indexed without submitting to the Google Search Console and the Bing Webmaster. I’ll properly submit and verify your website to Google and Bing.
  • Sitemap.xml: A sitemap is required for every website. Search engines index websites using their sitemap. I’ll create and submit it to Google and Bing.
  • Robots.txt: Every website has a number of URLs that should be hidden from others for security purposes. But if you don’t tell it to the search engines, they can index and display it on the search results. How can you tell? You need to have a robots.txt file with proper instructions. I can help you to do it.
  • Cloudflare CDN: You can ensure your website’s security using Cloudflare Content Delivery Network. I’ll configure your DNS for Cloudflare. And will also do all the necessary setup (what are available in Cloudflare free plan).
  • SSL Setup: If you have an SSL certificate I’ll configure it for avoiding Google penalty. Don’t have SSL? Well, you can use free Cloudflare SSL.
  • Page Rules: I’ll create 3 must-have page rules for avoiding canonical errors using Cloudflare.

It’s very easy to hire me. Just follow these below steps.

Why I ask you these information?

  • Name, email & transaction ID – for verifying your payment.
  • Gmail – for adding your website to Google Search Console and Bing Webmaster.
  • cPanel – for configuring Cloudflare and SSL.
  • Admin info – for configuring sitemap.xml and robots.txt file.

What are the conditions?

  • Service is only for Google and Bing.
  • You’ll get Cloudflare free plan service. Else, price will be hike.
  • Delivery time: 2 – 7 days.

Note: You can change your login information at any time later.

Need more help? Contact my support.